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Duneane Primary School

Goodbye Mr Charles!

22nd Mar 2024

Yesterday we put on a special treat of an Ulster fry breakfast as we said farewell to Mr Charles. Mr Charles will be returning to Carr's Glen Primary School as they have requested that he return early from his secondment as Principal of Duneane P.S. Our Chairperson, Mr Richardson thanked Mr Charles for all his hard work, dedication and the bond he had made with the children and wished him well for the future. Mr Charles and his family were presented with some gifts from the school. One gift has a beautiful picture by Rev. McNeill. An amazing cake was also presented to Mr Charles which had been kindly and professionally made by one of our fabulous parents. Mr Charles thanked all the children, staff, parents and governors for their support and help over the 13 months that he has been at Duneane P.S. He said that even though he will miss the School, it had been his privilege to have been Principal at Duneane P.S and that he would take away many happy memories that he will treasure. Mr Charles thanked everyone who organised the breakfast. The breakfast was an excellent offering from Gran's Kitchen.